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Should Society Stop Looking To The Past And Focus In The Future?

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“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” Said W. Somerset Maugham French Writer. His quote explains how society uses tradition as a guide to build the future. In fact, this is how society uses tradition and culture now days, focusing on what past cultures did to use it as a reference in the present. The problem with this theory is that society does not realize tradition is a way to control and maintain power. Tradition and culture is bad because people are being blinded on what happened in the past. Tradition is being used to stop society from retaliating against non-sense traditions. Tradition is not only seen as good by society, it is fundamental to the actual way most of the people live and it is also connected with strong believes. These stop people from looking forward instead of looking to past cultures. Tradition is also said to be an effective way to bring people together. For example, when Christians, Muslims or people who have the same believes or share same ideas come together. What society needs to realize is that instead of bringing people together what tradition really does is recluse groups, isolating them from the rest of the society. The problem begins with what society considers tradition. Tradition gives control to the ones on top of the food chain.

Tradition is when believes, ideas or events are transferred from generation to generation. Society takes old cultures or traditions as examples to build their own. According to the Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology, the definition to tradition in religion and most specifically in Christians is:

The word ‘tradition’ derives from the Latin verbal root tradere, ‘to hand down’ or ‘to bequeath’, and in its Christian use refers to a body of authoritative beliefs, teachings, or practices that, in the faith of believers, conveys the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

This definition gives an idea of how tradition based society is. For example, Christians use as a reference a Bible written thousands of years ago. This Bible tells them what is right and what is wrong, and if the Bible is examined, it is clear that all these rules are set to control the people. Catholicism is an unexamined tradition for people who believe on it, if they really understood the truth behind all these believes they would change their minds. They create rules when they say: you must not fornicate before marriage or you will go to hell in the after life. These are what is considered a faulty or wrong believe. Starting because it is not proven that Jesus ever existed. This an example what is called social construction of reality. A group unites to create what they consider their understanding of the world and using this as a reference, they create theories for others to believe in arguing it’s the only truth. Now, focusing in what Catholics argue, the Holy Bible Says:

“ Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his [Christ's] voice and come out - those who...

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