Should Stricter Penalties Be Enforced For Voter Oppression?

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In the beginning, when our founders created the constitution, there was a struggle not only between race and color but also between male and female acknowledgement. The Year is 1776 and having land, being over 21, and in some state policies, having a religious affiliation, disqualified many individuals from casting their thoughts into so young a government. Starting with only 6% of the population having the capacity to vote, our country was founded. It has been 237 years and 11 amendments since, and we are still struggling with suffrage. It is 2014, January 15 and while poll taxes and literacy tests are not around to suppress voters, there are still wide spread methods that are being placed into action by political parties to ensure that they minimize the number of voters against them. Tactics including the addition of voter I.D.s and the reduction of shorter hours and fewer voting days as well as redistricting are being put into law. However conventional these methods may seem, the strategies partaken by the parties should be made illegal due to the purging of liberties.
It’s not a “mere misfortune” that because republicans are trying to shut down fictitious “illegal voters” by implementing voter I.D.s that they happen to decrease minority turn out in elections across the country. There accusations “prove” that what’s affecting voter turnout is not so much the idea or the immediate implications of voter id’s but in “fact” they will not vote because of Obamas radical economic policies (Former Attorney General). What they don’t stop to consider or don’t say, is that it’s not that people oppose whatever policy is to be set forth to them but that they don’t consider it a high enough priority. All over the country there are parents who don’t even consider driving to another city to get their I.D.’s and in some states having to pay for one isn’t a good enough incentive to go out and acquire an I.D. (the challenge of obtaining a voter I.D.). Along with driving out of town and paying for an I.D., you have to make sure that you bring specific identification for the voter I.D. you are requesting. To go through all this trouble for a voter I.D. of your own to oppose or approve of any policies being put into place isn’t in the minds of most Americans.
In 6 years, between the years of 2002 and 2008, after the justice department declared the war against voting fraud a “high priority”, only 24 people were convicted of illegal voting. An article by Art Levine even went so far as stating that “Voter fraud is actually less likely to occur than lightning striking a person” (Levine Art).
"Misleading robocalls, flyers and online messages with the intent of suppressing the vote is the real fraud being perpetrated against American voters”. ( Carden, Schumer)
-State News Service
With 362million voters in the general elections alone, having only a mere 24 people be convicted of illegal voting is almost ludicrous. Our government is doing a more than...

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