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Logan Kleam
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March 7, 2018
Should Student Athletes be Paid?
College athletes are indisputably some of the hardest working people out there. Student-athletes not only live the live of an average student but they also have a tough schedule with their sport. The biggest debate in college athletics is should student athletes be paid money for playing sports at the collegiate level. There are great arguments on both sides, most saying that if the student is playing a sport they most likely are going to school for free on a scholarship. Another great point is that if college athletes were to get paid if would ruin college athletics or amateurism. A lot of people also thing that if college athletes were to get paid they would become more focused on the money and not the sport. “Even those they athletes are playing at an advanced level, they still are not playing professionally so they should not be paid.” (Martinez) This is true, this is one of the main reasons that college athletics is so popular too because they play for their school, pride, and bragging rights against other schools. College athletics play because they love what they do, its not a routine or job to them. Most people that disagree with this are blind to many things that happen at Universities. The bulk on the universities money come from athletic programs, mostly from basketball and football. Some schools bring in enough money to pay for every other program because of basketball and football. College sports had changed drastically over the years.
In the 70 years, college sports have no comparison to college sports in present day. Not one University in that time had television contracts or clothing sponsorships like they do now. These two things rake in millions of dollars every year to schools. Everyone of a college football today gets paid a lot, a lot more than a coach in the early 1950s. For example, the Tennessee Volunteers head football coach in the early 1950s Robert Neyland made an average salary of $15,000 a season. This past year Jimbo Fisher signed a contract for 7.5 million dollars a year to be the head coach at Texas A&M next year. That is 500 times more than a coach 70 years ago. “While the average school generates 30 million in football revenue, the next 25 sports combined generate less than 25 million.” (Gaines) As you can see, with all the revenue they are bringing on it is only rational that student-athletes see some of that. The student-athletes are the ones generating the money, without them there would not even be college athletics. Coaches, sport companies, universities are all becoming wealthier because of athletes and it’s not fair to the athletes. Now I do not think that student-athletes should be paid the same as professional athletes, just enough to pay for school; if they do not have a full scholarship. Many people have used the words slave labor to describe what college athletes do and what they receive in return. ...

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