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Should Student Be Paid For Having Good Grades?

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Should students be paid for having good grades?
It’s a question that many students from high school ask to his parents or even teacher, and many persons including students oppose to the idea saying that it’s a privilege that kids and teen can go to school, but expert says that when people expect a reward they do everything to reach that reward, that’s why people search for an better job where they can earn more money than another one or they do everything so their bosses can give them more money, so if a student’s expect money as reward they will do anything to reach a better grade. Of course, sometime students will do bad thing to reach this but first we are going to talk about the good side.
Students will give everything to reach a better grade; they will put more attention in classes, will do their homework and also will do the best in their individual work and also their team work. The money will be the motivation, because for being honest some students only ...view middle of the document...

Also, will improve the quality of the school and from the students
Still all this people says that kids can’t be paid for going to school, that is bribing, and the answer was that at job and school you learn, you work and sometime you don’t enjoy your work, the only thing missing is the money , this topic is worldwide discussion.
Now we saw the good side from being paid for having good grades, but what is the bad side.
One of the principal things that will happen is that scholarships will disappear with the time because the school will lose money. This is a bad thing and a good thing because with the money they would give you can pay the school.
Other thing that could happen is that student’s only are going to make thing for a reward. Other thing is the use of that money, students can be good in school, but we don’t know how is outside, he can use that money for drugs or even gambling, or other things that can damage the integrity of student.
One of the main problems that will appear is the corruption; students will cheat in the test, hack the school system and change their grades, and also persuade or blackmail the teachers or school officials to change the grades so they can earn the money.
Other thing that could happen is that students will only memorize the answer or the probably questions for test and get good grades, but they will forget later that knowledge, also it can be seen as a way to bribe students , so they attend to school and make students get good grades to make more prestigious the school.
Also can brings to a black market of notes and test where everyone can buy a good grades notes and also the answer to the test,
If this is applied we need a type of authorities like a police that is going to regulate the school money and to who are going to give the money
In conclusion, there’s a lot of pros and cons, but the arguments never end, in most in the discussion forums the people that are in favor and against are 50% and 50%, and in my opinion I think that is need to be a reward not like a salary, and I’m favor of this, but I need to be regaled by authorities, so not everyone get that reward and establish a minimal grade like 9.5 – 10. A part of me says yes but another says no. It’s a difficult topic to get an answer.

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