Should Student Work Part Time Job?

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8/17/2014 The Impact of Part Time work towards Academic Performance 1/15
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The Impact of Part Time work towards Academic Performance
1. Introduction
Most of MCAST students work part-time. Does this affect their school performance? If work is related to their studies
this would definitely be beneficial. What if work is not study-related? After all, do students really need to work? Is a
students' life becoming boring?
Curtis and Williams (2002) states that combining paid work and study, has become a norm in the UK. Vickers et al.
(2003) report a similar situation in Australia, highlighting the global significance of this trend. According to Labour
Force Survey carried out in the UK, it states that between 1996 and 2006 the amount of student engaged in part-
time employment increased by 50%. According to the Journal of Organizational Behavior (1998) 50% of the full-time
students in the U.S. have a part-time job.
Part-time work can have a positive impact on the students especially if the work is course-related. Students can
have a glimpse of their future job and determine whether they actually like that particular career path. Also, part-
time jobs can help students improve time management skills and become more efficient. Parents and educators are
in favour of employment amongst students because they believe that employment 'builds character' (Greenberger
and Steinberg, 1986). Dwyer et al. (2001) argue that combining work and study promotes a 'pragmatic perspective
on education'
On the other hand, an excessive workload can have a detrimental effect not only on the students' academic
performance but also psychologically and physically. Combining work and study can also have negative effect on
the students' mental health such as stress and fatigue, leading to worsening performance in class. Rolfe (2002)
reports that UK students believe that the excessive and unsocial hours of part-time work sometimes lead to
tiredness and depression.
If we had to look at higher education around the globe, say in the UK, students would have to pay approximately
£3000. In Germany, universities now charge €1000 enrolment charge per year. In the USA the tuition fee varies
around $9000 per year.
Malta is one of the few exceptional cases were students are paid to study. MCAST students are entitled to €83 per
month and €233 at the beginning of the academic year.
Out of which students are entitled to pay €372 BTEC registration fee.
When I started university 6 years ago I never felt the need to do a part-time job (except in summer). Obviously, my
budget was very tight and luxuries were inexistent. Nowadays, I started to believe that...

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