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Should Students And Teachers Be Facebook Friends?

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There is much controversy over whether or not students and teachers should be friends on Facebook. Some say that it is a good way of education and others say that it is inappropriate, while I agree with both sides. I feel that I have the right to discuss this because in the FFA we used FB to connect all of the time. I believe that it can be used for very good thing while harassment is yet a huge possibility. Perhaps it is up to the students and teachers to decide the fate of social networking.
Many believe that social networking and school should be separate. Most people think that it is inappropriate and unethical for these kinds of “relationships” to exist. One teacher was found guilty of commenting “this is sexy” on a photo of one of his female students. (Should teachers and students be Facebook Friends?) Parents were outraged because some boundaries were definitely crossed. Another teacher was found sending a female student a message on Facebook stating “your boyfriend does not deserve a pretty girl like you”. (Should students and teachers be Facebook friends?) I would have to agree that these things are just over the line and plain wrong. There is no room for such comments to be made towards students like that.
While most think that school and social network should be separate there are few who disagree. There are some people who “like to use it as an educational tool” (DeForge). Many say that “It is a new age and we have to catch up on the times and use any and all recourses that we have to educate our children” (DeForge). “Facebook can be a great way for teachers to facilitate a class discussion and share information with students” (Chan). Social media can also be a great way to get students more involved in school and in school activities. There are many ways that teachers can use networking to their advantage. They can use them as ways to give and receive assignments. The future is now and we need to take advantage of the resources that we have, and use them to best of our ability.
I, personally, agree with both sides of the arguments. I would personally like to have the accessibility of my classroom right in the...

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