Should Students Be Required To Take Courses To Address Their Implicit Biases? Augusta Technical College Essay

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Implicit Bias Argument
Implicit social cognition is a branch of psychology that studies how mental processes that occur outside of awareness and that operate without conscious control can affect judgments about and behaviors toward social groups (Richardson & Goff, 2013, p.2629). Meaning, implicit bias is something that is done unconsciously towards people in general. We are not even aware that implicit bias really exists, but it plays a huge role when we are in the decision-making process, especially when it comes to educators and students. To prevent implicit bias, students should be required to take courses to address their implicit biases such as racial bias, gender bias, and ageism (age bias).
First, let’s talk about implicit racial bias. Implicit racial bias is something that is in everyone whether they know it or not. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is not a good thing either. Implicit racial biases refer to the unconscious associations we make about racial groups (Richardson & Goff, 2013, p.2629). Implicit racial bias also refers to unconscious stereotype and attitude. Our relationships and experiences are the triggers to implicit bias. For example, most of your friends may look like you or the people that you tend to date may be your race. If someone hears or even thinks the word crime, he or she will automatically think it’s a black guy because blacks and crimes have become so general that it becomes “bidirectional”. What it means to be bidirectional in this type of scenario is taking the thoughts of two subjects and associating them together to the point where the mind does this unconsciously. Over three decades’ worth of research repeatedly demonstrates that IBs (Implicit Biases), once activated, influence many of our behaviors and judgments in what we cannot consciously access and often cannot control (Richardson & Goff, 2013, p.2629). Implicit racial bias is present in court cases, job promotions, educational opportunities, etc. For example, judges may in the process of deciding a court case,however, implicit bias may interfere. Implicit racial bias also occurs in health facilities. In fact, three professors conducted an experiment to understand implicit bias and eliminate health disparities. Blair, Steiner, and Havranek (2000) reported Four of the five studies found evidence for implicit race bias among clinicians, with the average level of bias ranging across the studies from “small” to “large”.
Secondly, gender bias is everywhere, especially in the workplace. It mainly happens to women, but it doesn’t occur often with men. Over the last decade, the issue of implicit bias — the often-subtle discrimination based on cultural stereotypes — has emerged from research as a driving force in gender disparity, going beyond earlier hypotheses from past research that suggested “lifestyle choices” were the dominant cause (Society for Neuroscience, n.d.). In the article, “Women in Neuroscience”, they explain their...

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