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Should Students Have Their Own Dorm Room

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I think students should have their own room because it will be easier to not always have to hide your stuff or worry about something coming up missing. We still should have rules of course that’s were ever you go. The cleaning should stay the same; along with cleaning out your locker and going to bed on time. But we always have problems with stuff coming up missing out of people rooms. We usually think its people coming from other room and entering ours. But no it’s not all the time. The suspect is in your room. Yeah I know the rule is no borrowing but come on now. It’s crazy that you always have to hide your stuff and look around to make sure no one is looking or listening to you. I mean sure you can share or let them have what you give them. But that’s only to be nice and not be mean or selfish. Like me for example I’m a nice person. I honestly can’t say no to anyone. That’s where I mess up at. Cause people take ...view middle of the document...

I love helping people but sometimes, roommates just wants too much. Sometimes they will keep bugging you and you just say have to scream “YES I WILL DO IT FOR YOU!!” It makes me mad to be but in these kinds of situations because roommates should just help you out and you help each other. Some people don’t like telling staff anything about these situations because it turns into mess and no one wants to have to deal with stuff like that. Since I been here it seems like there is always an issue with roommates. That’s why, I think everyone should have their own separate room. You get into situations like for instance, certain stuff I like doing that they don’t like. And it may be certain stuff that they like doing that I may not. Some people that haven’t had to live with other brothers and sisters just don’t know how to live with other people in the dorm and they have a hard time getting along. Some people like to tell everybody what type of person they are and when you tell them something about themselves they don’t like it. Even under all the kindness I have, I can get a little attitude sometimes and it can be very nasty. I tell people the truth or what’s on my mind and heart. The first thing that pops in my head comes out my mouth. Sometimes it’s not kind. But it’s just me being me. I was told speak your mind or forever hold your peace. I don’t hold anything back. Once you get me started its hard to shut me up. I don’t like lying because after you tell one then you have to tell another and another and another. Then you can’t remember why you lied or what the first lie you told was. Then pretty soon it all catches up with you… then what?? That why I tell the truth. But with the truth people still get mad at what I tell them. I just don’t understand because when I lie they get more upset. I know that a lot of other people are just like me and some are the opposite this is why it is so hard for people to get along and really hard when you have to share the same dorm room. That’s why everybody needs to be in their own room. Basically to hold down confusing and drama.

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