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Should Teachers Carry Guns In Schools

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Should Teachers Carry Guns in Schools
Is it ethical and socially acceptable for Teachers to carry guns in public schools? It all depends on what side of the debate you are on. The Second Amendment of The Bill of Rights gives every citizen the right to bear Arms. Some would debate this amendment is not concrete and absolute, that just because the right was given does not mean that it is guaranteed in all situations (Smith 2012).
When you send your children off to school, you are assuming that they will be safe. You are trusting the teachers and administrators at the school to keep them safe. For the most part, the schools do a great job and there is nothing to worry about, but there ...view middle of the document...

Arizona is proposing a change to state law to allow one educator in each school to carry a gun.
It is not suggested that the teacher go after the gunman, but rather stay with students in a locked classroom. However, if the need arises and there is a classroom or group of students that are being threatened, having a teacher with them that is armed is just one more option to keep students safe.

There are other methods to keeping schools safe. Officials might choose to have metal detectors or backpack searches or they may choose to hire private security to patrol the school grounds. Having metal detectors would not guarantee that a weapon would not get into the school. Depending on the company, private security guards are not always trained as extensively as they should be and might not be willing to put their own lives at stake. Some educators think it is dangerous to allow guns in schools. They fear that the teacher might be over powered by someone and that students might accidentally or purposely shoot a class mate. Teachers’ teacher for a reason, they want to...

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