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Should Technology Replace Educational Tools In School?

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Should Technology Replace Educational Tools in School?
Technology has spread across the world to become a major factor in day to day life. It is used for work, researching, and entertainment. Technology has already started to replace certain educational objects in schools, but its possibilities are still being held back. People worry about the possible consequences of their children being exposed to technology. However, the benefits easily outweigh the consequences when each of them can be resolved. An increase in technology in schools will improve the lives of the students and the choices they make for their future.
Technology can have a larger part in schools through computers, phones, projectors, tablets, and even smart boards. There are several types of technology and each of them can serve as several purposes. It could become a tool in education by replacing the tools schools are using now. General Music Today stated that handheld technology could be a great tool in music because it can help the students stay in beat. Technology such as phones would do this by sending vibrations through the students in the same pulses of the needed beat (Carlisle, 2014, p.5). It could be a quicker and more efficient way to do things for both the students and the teachers. The classroom wouldn't have to be replaced by technology it would only be improved by it.
Replacing objects such as books, paper, pencil, and regular boards with technology has several benefits. no longer having to use pencils in classrooms can save cost, make the class move faster because of typing, make it easier for teachers to grade papers, and it has a positive effects on the ecosystem by reducing the use of trees. Technology replacing paper and books is also ecofriendly, can be easier on the students to carry, and it also gives the students a larger variety of information on a certain topic. Having a smart board instead of chalk or white boards is better because it makes setting up the lesson easier for the teacher and it makes the lesson more available to the students.
Technology is great to use because it can always be available to the students. If something is stopping a student from being able to come to school on a certain day such as the weather then the teacher could send the lesson to the students to review until they return to school. This would not only help on keeping absent kids up but it could also allow the teacher to go through the work quicker. Having technology to use instead of books also...

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