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Should Teenagers Be Able To Buy Violent Video Games

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When you play violent video games, and something doesn’t go the way you want it to, or you end up losing after hours of playing, I could understand why people get frustrated for the wasted time, and wasted strategies. Yet throwing the controller, banging on the walls like wild apes, and screaming about your anger, is completely immature. These behaviors are not an acceptable option to being as upset as some people do with video games. This is why I believe that teenagers should not be allowed to buy and play violent video games without parent consent. There are many affects of having access to these brutal pictures, words and actions and some even say it can lead to violence outside of the screens.
These games can have a powerful effect to your emotions, and can bring the worst out of someone all because of to influential words, “Game Over!” Playing violent games correlates to children being less caring and helpful towards family and peers, according to Dr. Phill’s studies. “Kids spend alot of time with games at the ages that they should be learning healthy ways to deal with other people or to resolve conflicts peacefully.” (“Dr. Phill”) According to BullDog Reporter, of the 58% of people who link violence to video games, 33% allows their young children to play whatever they would like. BullDog Reporter also says that 47% of Americans indicate not at all being confident in video game ratings and the understanding of them. Instead of allowing their children to play these games, parents could do alternative activities with their kids. I learned this from Dr. Phill’s research. According to BullDog Reporter, 90% of people agree that parents should be the chief regulators when it comes to what video games that they allow their children to play! Parents need to limit time spent on these games, to help control anger and violence in children.
The time spent playing these violent video games is overwhelmingly high, and may be the reason why kids get so overly attached to the game world and not the reality. According to Dr. Phill, an average of 13 hours a week is spent playing these games for boys. Another 5 hours a week spent for girls who play video games, also stated by Dr. Phill. A study...

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