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Should Teens Have Access To Emergency Conception?

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Something that is happening in the generation we live in is, teenagers are having kids younger and younger. Having emergency conception or in other words the morning-after pill, in US schools would be very helpful for the kids that want to have a choice and a better future without any distractions. But many do oppose this view and don’t think US schools should let kids of any age have the choice to get emergency conception at school or without the consent of a parent or guardian or at all. But with these opposite views and such a controversial topic of America, there is still no actually line of agreement on this topic.
Let’s face the reality of today’s generation, kids are beginning to have sex at a young age and many don’t have a source or anyone to talk to about other options. Also, accidents happen. Many times the condoms may slip or break; girls can forget to take their normal birth control; and in some cases, girls can be persuaded to have unprotected sex, or were raped. Which actually 74% of females who have sex before the age of 14 are forced to do so. (Kelly). With these cases that could definitely happen, the morning-after pill could be a great source of a second chance. With the choice of having the emergency conception the morning-after pill it could really be beneficial to the girl in her life. Things like this don’t only happen to girls that have a promiscuous behavior, it can happen to anyone whether people believe it or not. Because the mistake that they make in their life should not define their whole life.
The morning-after pill could also be a really good way of lowering the number of abortions that are occurring in the county. Which the morning-after pill is not the abortion pill. It does not terminate a pregnancy that is already there. The morning-after pill is only affective with in the first 72 hours of when the female has unprotected sex. But many people think with the morning after pill being available to any women of any age would make younger woman want to have intercourse or unprotected sex, which many opposing groups seem to think. (Kelly). But if you really put the situation into consideration, the morning-after pill is quite expensive to have as your only form of birth control because of the price of $40. Especially for a teenage girl or teenage couple. If the morning-after pill was available to woman of any age, it would be safer than having a girl going to get an abortion done to herself which could be traumatizing or worse case having the abortion done illegal and putting her life in harms ways.
But with all the good things the emergency contraception as the morning-after pill can do for a woman, there are people who do oppose this contraception and do not agree with what it can do. Many think of it as the ‘’abortion pill’’, because of what the morning-after pill can actually do. The morning-after pill sometimes prevents pregnancy, other times it terminates it. The FDA states that Plan B (morning-after pill)...

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