Should Texas Secede From The United States?

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Imagine a year old baby without a home. There is nothing that this baby can do to support itself. This baby is adopted by a stable family who can support and influence him. As this baby grows older, he will also grow in maturity through his family’s guidance. The older he gets the more responsibilities he is given. From going to a movie without his parents, owning and driving a car, and working his first job, the boy gains his family’s trust and grows more independent. All of his childhood and teenage years have led up until the day of graduation. For his family graduation is a bittersweet occasion. His family is going to be extremely sad to see their life with him change forever. At the same time, however, his family will also be very proud at the man he has grown into and the decisions he has made for himself. While they will be sad to see him move out of the house, his family is going to be supportive of him leaving their home. Since the day they adopted the baby boy, they have planned for his future. Realizing that it is in his best interest to move out and go to college, the boy’s family is encouraging his decision. One day this young man will become a doctor and save lives through the encouragement of his family.
Now imagine another possibility for this child. His family has still raised him to be independent and self-sufficient, but picture his graduation day differently. On this day, his family is proud of the man they have raised and excited about what he will do in the future. They do not plan on letting him leave home though. Since the day they adopted him, they have foreseen him as staying in their family. Though he has grown up into a great young man, they do not see the need for him to live independently on his own. They selfishly see the benefits of him staying home with their family and refuse to let him leave. One day this young man may become the manager for Kroger.
Today in the United States of America, Texas is still pending its graduation day. Recently the economy of the nation has brought many problems to our state that we have had no part in. Though in the past Texas was an infant in need of a stable family (which it found in the United States), it has grown to be independent and self-sufficient. Just like the second boy, Texas will not live up to its potential in the future if the United States will not let it do so. Should Texas Secede from the United States?
During the great depression, life loomed over Americans as bleak and the future was not promising. Not many would have foreseen World War II as the answer for the economic problems our nation was facing. Our nation was propelled out of the recession by the successes of war and the joint effort of every American.
As a college student at private college during a recession, life also seems bleak and while we have not given up hope, our future does not look too promising. Every Texan needs to be aware that our future does not need to be bleak or unpromising....

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