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Should Textbooks Be Replaced By Tablets In Schools?

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Picture this image: headaches and dry eye from computer vision syndrome. Having a better chance of getting neck aches, shoulder pain, and musculoskeletal disorder. Is this what B-schools will upgraded from old-fashioned textbooks two tablets want their students to stop her from? I hope not! Unfortunately though, this is what their innovation has resulted in--a variety of health problems, according to the information from and the American Optometric Association. It has been proven that the student to converted to tablets not lonely and up suffering from a variety of health problems, but become distracted from academics as well textbook should not be replaced with tablet if it is resulting in health issues, distracting students from class interaction, and even causing damage environmentally.
First of all, the repetitive exposure to tablets Greyton chances of medical and health problems. Research and statistics from the American optometric Association states many individuals will get eyestrain, headache, blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain, and these may be caused by the glare on the screen or the way the devices help. By giving students tablets at school, they will probably be suffering from these side effects of too much exposure to handheld devices. Even though tablets will give you further access to information, it should not be tolerated if it is causing health problems. According to, or Federal Communications Commission, continuous exposure to radiofrequency can contribute to health issues as well. Biological effects resulting from radiofrequency can be heating up the tissues, which causes tissue damage. Exposure to radiofrequency may also contribute to cancer as well. Knowing student are usually going to be using handheld devices outside the school, why would the school increased time during school hours, and increasing the risk of health issues at the same time? Textbooks do not have radioactive waves and glare that will damage your eyes. Textbooks also are less distracting because they do not have Internet access, apps, etc.
The Internet can be a gay voice unlimited information, but unfortunately, students abuse that...

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