Should The Driving Age In The Uk Be Raised To 18?

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Should the driving age in the United Kingdom be raised to 18? The current driving age is 17, but there are debates relating to whether we should raise the age to 18. The argument has been raised because a large number of road accidents are caused by young drivers, therefore measures should be put in place to rectify the dangers.
One of the main reasons the driving age needs to be addressed is the number of casualties caused by youths on roads. According to the UK Department for Transport, one fifth of all deaths on British roads involved drivers aged 17-24. They believe that raising the age would result in less road accidents and deaths, but also would cut casualty numbers by 4,471 and would ...view middle of the document...

” The frontal lobe controls your emotions, your risk taking and decision making abilities. This means teens are more prone to taking risks and more impulsive and excitable. A younger brain is more likely to cause an accident and is not ready to take on the challenge of driving. This means the mental age of 17 is not old enough to anticipate hazards or judge the level of danger ahead.
On the other hand, raising the drinking age is only postponing accidents and deaths and could even increase these. It has already been proven that your brain is not fully developed until your mid-20s. Therefore pushing back the limit will only stop accidents and deaths for a year, and by that time teenagers will also be able to drink. This could lead to a lot more drunk drivers. At least at 17, teens will have had a year to learn the dangers of driving and know how to drive safely before they are drinking. According to m/drinkdriving/drink_driving_facts.aspx, 1 in 6 deaths on roads are caused by drunk drivers aged 18-24.
Furthermore the driving age should not be raised because if we raise the limit, teenagers will have to rely on parents and public transport far more. If they cannot drive until 18, maybe even later if they cannot afford lessons or fail the test, they will require parents or public transport to either get to school/university/work or other. This will overcrowd public transport massively. If parents are not around this leaves no transportation for some teens, leaving them at a disadvantage.
The final argument I have against raising the driving age is that it is taking away the freedom of teenagers. What will happen to all the current 17 year olds who have already passed, that own a car, that pay insurance and road tax? Would they be banned from driving, just like that? That would be unfair after all the time, effort and money put into passing the driving test. Some would also argue that it is removing the freedom of teens. It is also a big milestone and exciting event that people look forward to learning to drive, passing your test...

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