Should The Excessive Snow Days Be Made Up?

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Do you know that, in order to complete a year of school in the events of a snow day we have to go to the thirtieth of June? We have had about nine snow days which means the last day of school would be the twentieth of June with more snow storms scheduled in the future. Since this would be last day of school, this means we have only approximately two months of summer vacation until school starts again. The snow days should not be made up because, it would interfere with people’s summer plans, our summer needs to be longer and transportational issues.
One of the most significant reasons is, in some places plans might interfere with snow make up days. The first reason is some people go away ...view middle of the document...

For the average student each year it costs about three hundred dollars to supply their children with school supplies. They need to buy a new wardrobe of clothes, pencils, a backpack, a pencil case, a lunch box, erasers, at least two binders, a couple of folders, loose leaf paper, colored pencils, etc. Most people do not have this money in a flash. Most people need time to save up and look for the deals and two months is not sufficient enough to save up. The tertiary reason is, they have to catch up on their sleep. For example, each student nationwide has to wakeup at seven o’clock A.M. or earlier each morning, and they go to bed at at least nine o’clock each night. Imagine doing that for one hundred eighty days, you would certainly need time to catch up on sleep too. The length of summer vacation is a major concern as well as transportation problems.
The third and final significant reason is, in some areas it was impossible to get to school. The first reason is, some roads were not plowed, and if they were to come to school it would not have been possible. In particular, on one of the snow days there was at least twelve inches on the ground. Where some people live their streets do not get plowed very frequently which makes it impossible for cars, buses, and other vehicles to travel on such roads. The second reason is, some of the towns had...

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