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Should The Federal Government Enforce Stricter Gun Control?

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During the presidential campaign in 2007 president Barrack Obama in his speech said that ‘we know what to do, we’ve got to enforce laws that are in the book’ in his speeches, he alluded to the fact that we are not doing enough to enforce the already existing laws and this is exactly what in all these many words I have been trying to put forward. Implementation is in many ways a political function. In, effort to reduce gun violence without stricter gun control, our federal government needs to take the responsibility in enforcing the current laws. The justice departments need to be proactive with prosecutions especially with cases of falsification of background information for example in 2009 ...view middle of the document...

Gun rights advocates may request that Congress start new long-term gun violence programs which could help those who may have symptoms of underlying social and psychological issues that may lead to violence. They may request the federal government to find a course of action in reducing poverty in order to reduce violence because studies have found “direct correlation between deep poverty and escalations of violence” (“Should the country….” 1). Or, find ways in funding community outreach programs and giving U.S. citizens easy access to mental health services. These steps and many more are the first steps in reducing gun violence without having to spend more money in additional laws. Again, society just needs to take the effort in seeing that they are being enforced by becoming more aware of our laws, request laws to be changed or enforced by filing petitions to the state legislature or placed on a ballet to be voted upon by voters and voting for those who have the power to make changes.
After reviewing both sides of the argument for stricter gun control, the opponent’s side presents a stronger argument. By protecting individuals’ rights to bear arms promotes the greatest good in society. It allows individuals’ the freedom to be able to make personal decisions in how to protect themselves. In order to make the right moral decisions for a utilitarian, this means to make decisions that is going to lead to good results and based on the information given; placing stricter gun control would not provide this result.
Gun violence is certainly a huge epidemic and has been an issue for a long time, but stricter gun control may not be the answer. The things we need to consider are other factors as a possible key in reducing violence. For example, cultural factors like poverty, unemployment, the spread of gang violence, celebrity and sensationalized violence which recently was said to be the motive of Darion Aguilar, at the Columbia, Maryland mall shooting. All of these factors may be far more convincing in why we have such a huge spike in gun crimes. But all in all, the only way Americans are going to make any progress on any stricter gun control debate is to relinquish the common held fallacies that gun laws will stop criminals from killing.

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