Should The Federal Government Put A Ban On Alcohol?

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Alcohol has been a huge problem ever since it was created. Granted it makes a lot of money in our country. However, the only reason it does is because people like to lose themselves and not be able to think clearly. This leads to disastrous results. Alcohol causes more harm than good and sometimes ruins people. The federal government should ban alcohol because of the harm it causes and the relationships it ruins.
Relationships are very fragile, especially when one person is not in their right mind. Things can drastically change within a minute with a few mindless words. Romantic relationships aren’t the only ones in danger. Platonic relationships are also in danger of a falling out. ...view middle of the document...

The reason that most of the students drank was because of peer pressure. They wanted to seem “cool” like the rest of their friends. The only other reason that students drank was because they were at parties and they and their friends wanted to be “just like the movies.” No one has a real reason to drink; they just do it because that is what everyone else does.
The biggest problems with alcohol are the medical issues it causes. Most people say they are only going to have a couple beers, after those couple of beers; they end up having a few more. This leads to people being intoxicated. Drinking alcohol can affect the body’s responses and the brain, which means that an accident is more likely to occur. Alcohol can affect judgment and reasoning, slow down reactions, upset the sense of balance and coordination, impair vision and hearing, make the mind lose concentration, and make the body feel drowsy. It is the single biggest cause of accidents at home, of four thousand fatal accidents that happen in the home every year; four hundred of those are caused by alcohol. Alcohol is also a cause in up to one in four workplace accidents. Even after alcohol has left the body
accidents are more likely to happen. If an accident occurred while drinking other effects may...

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