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Should The Government Control Parenting? Essay

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Everyone has their own unique parenting style when raising children. Some parents believe in tough love while others coddle their children through to the early twenties. Whatever it may be, every parent deserves to raise their child without the input of a society where twenty-six percent of people do not even have children. They should be able to decide how to punish their children, what they want their children to learn in terms of sexual education, and how they want to overall bring up their children.
The first and most obvious argument against this would be the abuse factor. If family was a private institution, the government would have no legal right to remove children from truly dangerous households. However, there are many instances where children end up off worse in Child Protection agencies then in their homes. According to a report done by ABC News in 2011, about one fourth of all foster children are prescribed psychiatric drug, many forced to take dosages too high. This is usually done to deal with unruly behavior after being taken from their families. So instead of living in a household with parents who are violent or drug users, the child instead becomes the user. Why should the government get involved in how parents raise children if they are clearly not very capable either?
Another argument is similar to abuse; spanking. Many people believe that physical punishment of a child is not right and in a public institution, they have a right to get involved and try to stop what they see as violence against children. In fact, one Texas judge sentenced a mother to five years of probation after spanking her child, even though there is no law that strictly prohibits spanking. Despite the increasing mindset that spanking is abuse, sometimes a handprint on the backside is more effective than a firm warning. In a study done by the Pediatrics, it was found that a small two percent of children observed showed any negative effects from spanking and even that could have been the result of something else. So if spanking does not really harm a child mentally, then there is nothing to worry about. Others should stay out of the relationship between a parent and their children.
In a public institution, anyone has the right to call a service like DYFS and report a problem with someone’s family. This means that they can report a parent they saw smack their child once they became unruly. That call can lead to an investigation, which can lead to twisted words and before anyone knows it, the child is taken away to a temporary home that will not serve them any better than their family. The Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline receives nearly fifteen thousand calls every month in New Jersey. That would mean, if all cases were true abuse, that at least 180,000 children are being abused in New Jersey every year. According to the Children’s Defense Fund, only 9,293 children in New Jersey suffer from some form of abuse. This means that quite a bit of those calls...

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