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Should The Government Fund Nasa? Essay

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On June 30, 1908, the Tunguska Asteroid struck an isolated area in Siberia. The asteroid was 164 feet in diameter, and caused tragic devastation to the forest that it hit. People 37 miles away from where the asteroid touched down were knocked off their feet. If this asteroid were to hit a populated region of Siberia, thousands of people would have been killed. Asteroids have the ability to cause significant damage; it is believed by some that an asteroid wiped out all the dinosaurs, in the Pre-historic Era. However, thanks to NASA, today there is nothing to worry about because of the satellites it has launched. NASA already does so much with the little money the government provides, if congress decides to continue funding for the company, its possibilities are endless.
The government gives NASA $16 billion every year. That is only 7% of the federal government’s budget, which is $2.8 trillion. To put it in perspective, for every $2800 of federal government budget, $16 goes to NASA. With more funding, NASA could launch more telescopes, explore other galaxies, and pinpoint exactly where an asteroid will strike. Citizens of the United States of America believe that a huge percent of their taxes go to NASA. The truth is, only one percent of taxes go to scientific research, and half of that goes to NASA. For someone earning $100,000 a year, $1000 goes to scientific research, with half of that going to NASA, only $500. The benefits of continuing to fund NASA, far outweight the costs. Michael Massimino, one of NASA’s astronauts says it best, “you have bills to pay, but you always want to put something away for your kids college fund. NASA is like a college fund, we are the future” (Massimino 1).
NASA not only does space research, but daily around the world items developed from NASA’s research are used. The Tempur-Pedic Mattress Company was started when NASA scientists wanted their astronauts to be comfortable on their way up to space, so they designed a better mattress. The list of items goes beyond Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Freeze-dried food, golf clubs, long-distance communication, baby food, handheld vacuums, blankets for marathon runners, UV blocking sunglasses, cell phone cameras, computer mouses, cordless tools, satellite-TVs and alarm systems can all thank NASA’s research efforts for their existence. Also many health related items were derived from NASA, including heart surgery, life-support, artificial limbs, and MRI and CAT scans. Clearly, NASA has made a significant impact on modern day life.
Unfortunately, the average American does not understand the value of NASA as the benefits of NASA and the learnings derived from this work are not widely understood. Therefore, a large number of people believe we don’t need it. This is completely wrong; NASA is...

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