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Should The Government Fund Public Preschools?

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Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy education. In this great country of ours, education is not a privilege it is a right. All children are given the opportunity to a free education. An education that should allow them to become high school graduates, 21st Century scholars, and prepare them as leaders to sustain this nation. What happens though when this is not the future for all children? The problem at hand is not all children are receiving the same educational opportunities. Not all children graduate from high school and not all lead successful careers as adults. Why is this the outcome for some and not others?
One main reason behind students not being successful later in school is related to the readiness of the child when they enter school. “Evidence suggests that children’s academic skills at school entry are linked to their later school achievement (Entwisle & Alexander, 1993), and that test scores in the elementary school years are associated with long-run economic outcomes such as employment and earnings (Krueger, 2003)” (Magnuson, Ruhm & Waldfogel, 2005).
Not all children come from homes that have the time or knowledge to incorporate and promote pre-literacy skills, social skills or fine/gross motor development. These particular students do not start school with the same readiness as those of their peers, who were exposed either in their own homes or in a developmental setting.
Early Childhood Education is a core foundation for providing children the head start to develop into successful life long learners. Public preschool programs around the nation have been established to help children with learning difficulties, language barriers, health disabilities and who come from poverty, to become successful in school. Early intervention programs set forth aspirations to close the academic achievement gap in our nation. The importance of early intervention for children and their families holds influential benefits in later life success. Though some may see it beneficial to spend taxpayer dollars to publically fund preschools, others do not. Should it be the responsibility of the government to teach and expose children to learning experiences, which should be the inherent responsibility of the parent? Should the government take on more responsibility in raising the youth of this country? How will spending taxpayer dollars to fund preschool help our society as a whole? This paper will discuss both sides of the issue, should the government fund preschool?
We the People will not Fund Preschool
Government funded preschools will not fix or minimize the United States educational decline. Why should hard working taxpayer dollars be spent providing parents with free childcare, because they are not able to? When becoming a parent it is your own responsibility to provide your offspring with all their innate needs, which includes a home that allows them to developmentally grow and learn. The government is not accountable to raise and expose...

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