Should The Government Have Mandatory Retirement? Why? Eng4 U Essay For English Class

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Nowadays, some people work till they die and others retire at the age of 60. Retirements are not really a mandatory thing for people. People have the right to keep working or not when they turn 60. In my opinion, government should not have mandatory retirement because it has its side effects. Some people need to work after the age of 60 in order to feed their family and others work because they want to have fun. So having a mandatory retirement makes no humanity an no mortality policy.
First, most of elders have a family to take care off, which include their children and wife. For example, if something happened to their elder’s child. They must work in order to earn money to feed his family and help by paying all his son’s medications. If the mandatory retirement is implementing, this elder will lose his job, which means he will lose most of his income and won’t be able to help his family. Now the pressure of life is on his wife’s shoulder. But his wife will be retired soon as well. In fact, people usually married with others who have nearly age. The result of having a mandatory retirement is that the family will become very poor and have bad life. Most families on the world are not rich, every member in the family need to work to feed their relatives, the chance to work is so important for them. Mandatory retirements shouldn’t be used because it makes a lot of people suffer and not be able to him their family.
Second, every person that is alive have their own reason why they live and work till their last day on earth. People usually have their own dream that they wants to realize. But if there is no money they can’t have this dream they may have...

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