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Should The Government Help? Essay

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During the Great Depression families hardly survived. People lived in shanty towns and lean-to’s. People would spend all of their money then not have enough to buy a place to live. Jobs were almost impossible to find and if you could find a job it would not pay enough to survive. The President could not anything else to the economy but what was already done. In situations like this, should the government help? Yes. The government should help people that are trying to get back on their feet, not sitting on the couch eating chips waiting for your monthly government check to come in.
During the great depression for most families barely had enough to eat. “With half enough to eat” (Shafter 1). ...view middle of the document...

Roosevelt knew that the country will not make it through the rough times without helping each other. To summarize Roosevelt, We have to give and not only take. Depend on your neighbor and help one another move along. Roosevelt made people confident in the upcoming economy changes and attempts to make it better. Roosevelt also believed that helping the american citizens would make depressions less severe.
Having old documents today make learning about the past much easier. Learning from common people writing to the government is astonishing. Being able to see history through peoples eyes that experienced it makes learning interesting. “You know we are not living on the relief we live on a little farm” (C.V.B). This little girls letter shows that people took great pride in not being on relief and owning their own farm. “I’d rather not be on the rolls of relief” (Shafter). People did not want to be on relief because they believed that they needed to work for their money. These people didn't want things handed to them. Even though they worked hard for hardly any pay rather than not earning their money.
The everyday life of families during the depression was working, traveling to a job, or desperately enrolling into reliefs. “The refugees travel in old automobile and light trucks, some of them homemade, and frequently with trailers behind” (Harris 25). There was not luxuries when living from day to day. Being able to eat every day was a luxury in these peoples eyes. When the “unemployment rate was 23.6% during Hoover's presidency” (1930 President Hoover) most people were out looking for a job.
Roosevelt had a program call “The New Deal”. This program operated through the government to work on things that needed to be rescued or just to get things back to working order like irrigation systems. This allowed the men to go off and work for their money, keep enough to survive for themselves, then send the rest back home to their families. “The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) hired hundreds of thousands of young men to plant trees and irrigate farmlands” (Harris 36). There were less and less people that was unemployed. The rate was finally dropping. People saw Roosevelt as a...

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