Should The Nfl Be Held Liable For Injuries Suffered By Football Players?

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The topic I will be discussing in this draft is the debate on whether the National Football League should be held liable for injuries that their employee’s sustained while playing professional football. The injuries that I will discuss are concussion and traumatic brain injuries related to multiple concussions. In years past this injury wasn’t know n to be as prevalent because that game was played at a much slower speed. Players in todays’ game are bigger, faster and stronger than ever. It has been documented that the players themselves willingly know the risk they are taking yet still take the chance at playing the game. Players and player group representatives are now seeking compensation for their player and player’s families. Should the NFL be held liable or should the employee who already knows the risk take full responsibility? Because of this controversy the NFL has recently come under fire due to game related head injuries to active players which cause long lasting effects. In addition family members seek compensation to former player deaths due to these injuries.
An argument can be based on whether or not the NFL should be held liable when players know what a violent sport they participate in. The NFL is 10 Billion dollar a year business and the majority of their income are made through the exploitation of their players (Grove, J 760). The argument can be made that players should seek compensation for injuries because salaries for injured players are not guaranteed beyond the season in which the injury is sustained (Grove, J 760). It has been posed as whether or not the government should step in to help regulate owed compensation. One way the state or federal government can intervene and impose legislative action is if it has benefits and costs. One could make a comparison that between a private party covered by a HMO, and a professional football player that both have coverage based off the employer’s plan. The HMO would be more likely cover such an injury like a concussion or concussion related symptoms, but the NFL is less likely to do so. The NFL can debate that players make a conscious decision to participate in a sport where this risk is involved.. The players that are granted coverage will have top cover form outside parties involved and they can take a look at the historical legislative involvement in overseeing or regulating professional football.
After the NFL commissioner came under scrutiny from Washington lawmakers on whether or not the injuries in his sport were the cause of traumatic brain disease. The commissioner enacted a policy that players had to pass a series of test by a neurologist prior to them being allowed to return to play( Grove, J) This policy change is similar to a normal employee passing a physical from their primary Doctor before they could return to work. The Commissioner enacted this policy to prevent players from returning to the game to soon. The current NFL commissioner Roger...

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