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Should The Pga And R&A Decide To Ban The Anchored Putter?

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Drive for Show putt for dough. The question is how does the Anchored Putter or long putter give any advantage into winning tournaments and majors on both the Professional Golf association( PGA) and Royal &Ancient golf tours of St. Andrews (R&A) tours?
The Anchored putter is said to give advantage as it does not exceed 48 inches in height and does not allow a player to use the wrist, and instead it’s all played in the shoulders and arms when using the correct stroke. This result in less physical demand and fatigue for the golfer versus using a conventional club. Many players today have invested in an anchored putter for this reason and believe that it gives them a competitive. The anchored putter has been used by many key players on the tour and has been an asset to their game .Both the PGA and R& A want to ban the putter because the putter relieves any stress on the nerves and the motion on the putter can’t have too many flaws in the swing For the bettering of the game the PGA and R&A should not ban the anchored putter due to various reasons.
Scott McCarron, creator of the anchored putter stroke played college golf and never looked at golf for four years after college. He then took up racquetball, flag football, and other hobbies. When he came back home from California to Nevada he wanted to get back into the game of golf. In the late 1980’s, McCarron begins on a new project that can change golf now and forever. His new invention was the anchored putter stroke; it was homemade in his garage. “McCarron states that having made such invention allowed me to win three PGA tour victories”. McCarron has been through a lot with the game of golf and it must be difficult to see something so great go to waste. The PGA and R&A decided to ban the long putter due to the way it is used and how it’s not ethical in the game of golf. The Patented putter is being sold by all retail equipment merchandisers and having Scott watch his invention be thrown down by such a strong governing body must be difficult. The PGA and R&A have decided to have the ban in session for January 1, 2016. Scott McCarron does agree that the anchored putter stroke is unethical to the game of golf “The long putter can help your game enjoyment from a physical standpoint. The long putter is easier to use and practice with for long periods of time due to a more upright stance for the golfer. An upright stance puts less pressure or strain on the muscles of the back and provides a better vision site line. The long putter removes a variable from the putting stroke that can cause mishits on the ball during the stroke. With a conventional length putter there are two levers at work during the putting stroke, the left arm and the right arm. By holding the end of the putter shaft against the body, or anchoring it, there is only one lever in the swing which promotes a more consistent contact with the ball” (McCarron). The anchored putter relieves any stress and nerves are at rest and calm .The...

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