Should The Picture By Forman Illustrating Two People Falling To Their Death Be Published?

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The picture taken by Forman is one where we can see a baby and a 19 years old falling from their building as their fire escape gives out. The baby will survive however the 19 year old will not. The lack of security of the fire escape stole this girl's life from her. This photograph should be published mainly as we will see for responsibility reasons.Death is horrible, especially when photographed, but it remains that death is fact of life, " it is irresponsible and more than that, inaccurate for newspapers to fail to show it . . ." (Ephron 61). The goal of any picture published is to help us, the public, to better a situation. Some may argue that a mere description of events will be able to affect a person enough. However "a picture is worth a thousand words". In a situation like this one, being told what happened does not affect the public as much as being able to see what really happened. Since not everybody can be at the scene, the closest thing to being there is without a doubt, a picture. It is a photograph that will "shake people out of their indifference" (Nachtwey) and even make them take action. Which is the whole purpose of the media. For us to be able to better understand and raise our consciousness of "events of public importance" (Code, I.). This passes a very powerful message as it makes people more aware of the lack of security of fire escapes. Therefore it's an irresponsible act of the media not to show it as it serves "the general welfare" (Code, I.).This photograph is one that is "an accurate picture of an event" and does not "highlight an incident out of context"(Code, IV). It is true that the main event here is the fire of the building, however another event in the public interest arises with the collapse of what is suppose to be a life saving fire escape which is clearly visible on the picture. This event becomes very important, since if the public would know about this problem they would perhaps take action and save other lives that could have been...

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