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Should The Risks Of Fish Intake Override The Benefits?

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Many consumers today are confused about the controversy about fish and its health effects. Researchers have discovered that fish contains methyl mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), and dioxins that may put one’s health at risk (“Harvard College”). The industrial processes cause mercury to be released into the air, then the chemical ends up in the lakes. Therefore, the contaminants come from bacteria that live in lakes that are then absorbed in species. When people consume fish, they are also taking in bacteria that came from unspecialized lakes indirectly through fish consumption. Although people could be harmed by eating contaminated fish, a diet that includes fish can also benefit the body. Fish has become especially popular because the omega-3 fatty acids it contains support cardiovascular health. Omega-3 is essential to the development of brain functions and normal growth. The intake of safe amounts of fish can decrease the chances of stroke, arthritis, and chronic diseases. Although fish contains mercury and dioxins that can damage nerves in humans, the trade-off benefit of the intake of omega-3 from fish can outweigh the risks.
Concerns about contamination found in fish can pose a threat to its consumers and put their outcomes at risk. Fish are known to contain the chemicals mercury, dioxins, and PCBS that can be harmful to individuals. These chemicals may build up in a person’s body after years of eating highly contaminated fish that can result to one’s health concern. “In America one-in-six children born every year have been exposed to mercury levels so high that they are potentially at risk for learning disabilities and motor skill impairment and short-term memory loss” (“Mercury in”). This statistic shows that infants may be at risk by the exposure of mercury that can harm their learning abilities; however, the effects may be a sum of various eating disorders that cause infants to be health deprived. It is a very rare case where people get diagnosed with a significantly high consumption of mercury that leads to severe conditions: death. The main reason that death occurs in this situation is because the large amounts of fish that people are consuming, meaning eating fish consistently on a daily basis. Nevertheless, people should still be aware of the types of fish they eat that are high or low in mercury concentration. Despite the beneficial health that fish provides, one also needs to be aware of the appropriate amount of fish to take that will not lead to adverse health effects.
Fish an important source of protein that contains omega-3 fats that is essential and healthful for the human heart. One of the most known evidence of the effects that omega-3 brings is the prevention of heart disease (“Harvard School”). In one study, “the participants with the highest mercury exposure appeared to be at slightly less risk of heart attack and stroke than those with the lowest exposure, a trend that is probably due to the benefits of fish...

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