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Should The State Be Allowed To Impose Vaccinations, Or Should The Choice Be Left Up To The Child’s Parents?

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On the other side of the argument should the state be allowed to tell a parent what drugs they must administer to their child, especially when vaccines are known to contain harmful chemicals. Though it is possible to get vaccine exemptions, this is easier said than done, according to Kurt Link MD, “less than two percent of people who apply for a vaccination exemption obtain one” (qtd. in Null and Feldman). Although all states allow medical exemptions, this process is time-consuming and not always a possible solution. To illustrate, according to the government guidelines one way a child would receive a medical exemption is if they had a severe or life-threatening reaction to a certain ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, some parents would prefer that their child contract measles, mumps, or chicken pocks and have their body’s immune system fight it off naturally, instead of them being subjected to foreign substances that could immediately or down the line cause harm. Moreover, if the body fights the disease or illness naturally, the child is immune for life. One mother expressed her feelings towards vaccines by stating, “I wouldn’t give my child food with MSG, and I certainly wouldn’t feed him aluminum, mercury, or formaldehyde. So why would I knowingly have those things injected into his bloodstream?”(Cave 29). By the state making certain vaccines mandatory they are taking away parents’ fundamental right to decide on the upbringing of their child (Klicka).
On the CDC online site it declares, “Serious side effects from vaccines are very rare”. However, vaccine critics argue that the reason severe reactions and death are so rare is that many are not reported or accepted by the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS). Indeed the FDA themselves stated that only 10 percent of adverse reactions get reported. Since the VAERS receives about 11,000 severe side effects a year, 1 percent of which resulted in deaths, these findings demonstrate that serious side effects are not as rare as the CDC claims (Phillips). In addition, the national Vaccine Injury Table released by the government seems to be in contradiction of the CDC statement. This table outlines minor, serious, and fatal disabilities, illnesses, and conditions which can result from receiving vaccinations and possible compensation ( Nevertheless, critics protest that this Table does not cover all the injuries associated with vaccines, and the window of time allowed for reporting injuries is extremely small. Any injury showing up outside of this short time frame is the fault of the child and some “defect” that the child had all along but only showed up upon receiving the vaccines (Tenpenny). Vaccine critics believe that medical research has not looked into potential vaccine-related disabilities sufficiently enough, but ignore the signs, as health officials are in a rush to vaccinate everyone.
Vaccine supporters insist that no vaccine gets put on the market without extensive research and testing; however, this has not always been the case. To demonstrate, the rotavirus vaccine was placed on the market in 1998 which was both FDA and CDC approved, but by 1999 it was removed after negatively effecting almost 100 children and killing at least one. In addition, the highly controversial hepatitis B vaccine was put on the market by FDA approval after it was only monitored for 4-5 days on less than 1000 children. However, this vaccine has received reports of over sixty thousand adverse side effects. Some medical researchers believe that vaccines bare some of the responsibility for SIDS as some studies showed a rise in SIDS cases after infants received the DTP and polio vaccine (Cave 34-154)....

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