Should The State Of East Prussia Be Returned To Germany?

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The region of East Prussia (Kalingrad Oblast) was taken by Russia from Germany, and was previously owned by Germany for over 700 years. Considering the history of the area and homes of millions taken and robbed, the state of East Prussia should be returned to Germany. In addition, the remnants of the local citizens and relatives of victims should be compensated for their hardships and gained the right to return home. Near the end of World War II nearly 2 million civilians evacuated East Prussia, Because of the imminent Soviet invasion. Following the Second World War Germany was undergoing judgment by the allies and the victors of Europe. At the Potsdam meeting, they unanimously agreed that ...view middle of the document...

The state also houses the Russian Navy's only warm-water port in the Baltic Sea, making it vital for the continued existence of the Russian Baltic Fleet. In addition to housing the Baltic Fleet, the Russians have other significant military assets in the state, making it one of the most militarized regions in Europe. They also argue that the German, Polish and Lithuanian culture no longer exist to a meaningful extent in the region, primarily due to the "Russianification" of the region.
But at the same time an estimated 30 per cent of Kaliningrad's Russian inhabitants are living below the minimum existence level according to EU reports recently made. The region's economic and political development has gone into reverse, since the Russian parliament ordered the military in 1993 to be stationed in Kalingrad and refused to open the strategically important area to economic reform. The question this brings with is if Russia can even sustain this region. The European Union is concerned by the difficulties that are would potentially be economically harmful for Kaliningrad through European enlargement. This could be prevented by The exclusion of its immediate neighbors, Lithuania and Poland, left the region effectively cut off from its hinterland. Poland and Lithuania will insist on visas from Kaliningrad citizens wishing to enter their territory.
The Germans claim that the region has deep historical and cultural ties to Germany, especially Prussia, and that the territory should be returned. They argue that the expulsion and

"Russianification" of the region was morally, and possibly even legally, wrong. It should be noted that Germans are now a minority in East Prussia and that East Prussia does not connect to modern day German territory. Others have suggested that the territory be given to Poland and/or Lithuania. While still others believe the region should become an independent country.
Restitution claims seem to slowly become less and less in German society as the people who were deported personally are dying out. Lately the German government has gone on record that it opposes these restitution claims...

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