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Should The State Or Federal Government Put Laws Into Place To Prevent Bullying?

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If there were laws against bullying, innocent lives would not be at risk. First of all, if these laws were passed, there would not be as many parents grieving for their children. Secondly, it can spread throughout different cliques and even different schools. Sometimes it can spread to social networks. Also, there would not be brutal fights and shootings in school. Finally, there is a less chance of kids getting sick and losing their self-confidence.
Instead of asking for help, kids decide that it is "easier" to take their own life. "We have just been heartbroken by the stories of young people who endured harassment and ridicule day after day at school, and who ultimately take their lives (Bill)." Everyday, due to bullying, an innocent kid takes their own life. It's hard to think about how many suicides a year occur because of bullying. "They experience higher incidence of social dysfunction, anxiety, and insomnia. They also contemplate suicide more often (Petrocelli)." No one should have to go through so much pain to feel the need to take their own life. Suicide can be prevented if a law was made to end bullying. "There's a growing trend among teenage girls, for instance, to cut themselves when the peer pressure becomes overbearing (Vujicic)." Girls think self-harm will take away everything wrong in their life, just like the kids who think suicide is the best option. It makes you wonder what they have been through while they are slicing their wrists. "...and sometimes it's relentless teasing from a bully that convinces a teenage boy to take his life (Vujicic)." No parent should have to go through the pain of burying their child. It is devastating to have kids think that cutting their lives short is better than living a long fulfilled life.
Bullying can cause chain reactions. "We should treat others the way we want to be treated (Bill)." Usually bullying occurs when the bully has been bullied or treated poorly. They feel like it will help to seek their revenge on innocent kids. "This group may turn to bullying after being bullied themselves as they may back the emotional regulation or support required to cope with it (Reilly)." Instead of standing up to the bully, the kids will become a bully themselves. A lot of kids nowadays are followers rather than leaders. "Today bullying does not end at the school bell, it can follow our children from the hallways to their cell phones, to their computer screens (Bill.)" If they are getting picked on at school, their home is supposed to be an escape. Instead it becomes their personal hell. Most bullying today ends up being cyberbullying. Parents should monitor their child's computer activity as a preventative measure. "In the case of bully-victims, it shows how bullying can spread when left untreated (Reilly)." Once a kid gets tired of getting bullied, there is a good chance the victim will become a bully for revenge or relief. Bullying can spread like a wildfire.
Putting a law against bullying could also...

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