Should The Environment Regulate Economic Development? Talks About The Importants Of The Environment Vs. The Economic Distruction Of The World.

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Should the Environment Regulate Economic Development.The Environment should take precedence over economic development. Some people might say that economic development and a strong economy is more important than protecting the environment. They look for a capital profit before thinking how there actions effect the environment. So far economic growth has taken little account to of the environment. Capitalism has left us with a world where corporations own the environment, where the quest for capital profit has left us with a long-term environmental problem. As a result, the economy has grown and the environment has shrunk. The environment is precious and once it is destroyed there will be no turning back. Deforestation is one of the problems; the earth without forests is a picture that most people presently could not imagine. "The value of a forest is higher when it is left standing than it could be worth when it is harvested."# " 8 000 years ago, the earth was covered by approximately 14.8 billion acres of forests. The worlds forest area has now shrunk to 8.6 billion acres as a consequence of human exploitation most of which occurred in the last 50 years."# Another long-term problem of economic development is water pollution. "Pollutants from industrial sources may pour out from the outfall pipes of factories or may leak from pipelines and underground storage tanks."# Companies should find new and better ways of producing goods so not to impact the environments as much. They should adopt a triple bottom line policy, "social responsibility, environmental responsibility, as well as profits."#"We are loosing 33.8 million acres of tropical forests per year, more than the total area of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Delaware combine. That is 2.8 million acres per month, 93 000 acres per day, 3 800 acres per hour."# If forests keep depleting at this rate sooner or later we will not have forests any more. "Forests are extremely important to humans ant the natural world. For humans they have many aesthetic, recreational, economic, historical, cultural, and religious values."# "Trees protect the soil against erosion and reduce the risks of landslides and avalanches. They help sustain freshwater supplies and there fore is an important factor in the availability of one of life's basic needs. Forests also affect the climate and are an important source of oxygen."# People destroy or degrade forests because for them the benefits seem to outweigh the costs. "Immediate causes are often concerns with a search for land and resources, including commercial timber and fuel wood. The impact of the timber trade is generally greater than has been claimed in the past."# "Deforestation in the worlds temperate regions is mainly caused by commercial forestry. The forces of large global markets for wood and wood products drive the scale of logging activities such as clear cutting. The sources of demand are increased...

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