Should The U.S. Government Require All Americans To Have Health Insurance?

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The question that has been brought to the table is should the U.S. Government require all American to have health insurance. Yes indeed the US government should require all Americans to have health insurance, however if they are going to require all Americans to have health insurance, they need to provide a financial reasonable options for American to purchase. The way the health care system has worked in the past, it would be very difficult to mandate all Americans purchase heath care without offering plans that they can afford. A major question that comes up in regards to health care is who pays the bill when Americans who are not insured require health care.
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” It appears that the reform is working and that providing Americans with affordable options is making it easier for Americans to purchase healthcare. Levey continues to say that, “Data from the nonprofit Rand Corp has been polling 3,300 Americans monthly about their insurance choices since last fall. Researchers found that the share of adults ages 18 to 64 without health insurance has declined from 20.9 percent last fall to 16.6 percent as of March 22.”
Americans especially tax payers need to look into what are the alternative to not having Health care, who pays for uninsured Americans. In an online article about Health Care by ProStaff it says, “Census data indicate that about 59.7 percent of all Americans have coverage through employment-based health insurance. Still, roughly 47 million Americans are uninsured.”
This brings up the question who pays for the 47 million Americans when they see a doctor or require medical attention?
The cost to cover the uninsured falls on the shoulders of those who are covered. In a report titled “Hidden Health Tax:Americans Pay a Premium.” by Families USA , which is national nonprofit organization, they reported that in 2008, the uninsured received $116 billion worth of care from hospitals, doctors, and other providers. Those costs were covered by the uninsured themselves, by government programs, and by Americans who had insurance. The article reported that approximately $42.7 billion in 2008, was unpaid and...

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