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Should The U.S. Invest In The Research And Use Of Alternative Energies?

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Alternative energies are the future of power. They will be the power that will sustain human life until the end. This is why the United States government should invests more towards the research and use of alternative energies. Alternative energies are any energy that will replace fossil fuels. Some common alternative energies are solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, hydrogen, and biofuels. The U.S. should use those alternative energies over fossil fuels, Petroleum (oil), coal, and natural gas. We currently have ways to store and use these types of energies but the ways we have are not the most effective. That is why the U.S. should fund the research of better ways to harvest and use these alternative energies.
All the alternative energies proposed before are renewable. They will last as long, or even longer than, the human race. Fossil fuels on the other hand won't. The U.S. has a renewable energy resource base. It is practically untapped. If the U.S. put more funding into filling up that base they would save money in the long run. Why would they spend the money obtain and transporting fossil fuels when they could produce safe, simple, and renewable energy? It is obvious that the U.S. should be spending more money towards the use of alternative energies.
All the pollution currently be released into the atmosphere could be prevented by switching to the alternative energies listed above. This has been looked at by experts and they believe it has the capability to be reached by 2040 if the U.S. government and the people of the U.S. switch to the alternative energies listed above. All of the alternative energies listed above do not produce any CO2 that damage the atmosphere. Another worry is that the CO2 being released is a major factor in global warming. All of the pollutants released into the air can have serious effects on human life as well. They can cause disease and sometimes death. The environmentally friendly alternative energies should be used and should be funded by the U.S. government.
The bad economy of the U.S. and the terrible environmental problems we are having, have one thing in common... a job. If the U.S. were to implant new associations that created and made wind turbines, solar panels, dams, etc. available they would need workers. These workers would be American citizens. The cash flow through the American people...

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