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Should The U.S. Lower The Drinking Age To 18?

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The brains’ final stage of development is at the age of twenty-five, which is the final stage of development for risky behavior. Should the United States really lower the drinking age to eighteen? There are many circumstances why the United States should not allow drinking at such a young age, but many feel they should. Starting to drink alcohol at such a young age leads to alcoholism, drunk driving, and has dangerous consequences on the body.
Drinking at a young age leads to alcoholism if one is not careful. Alcoholism is a disease that is hard for someone to overcome. Studies have been done that have shown people who have alcohol related relatives are four times more likely to become alcoholics themselves. Alcoholism can be broken down into two categories, acute and long term. Acute alcohol use is when someone drinks occasionally. Long term use of alcohol is when someone has to have a drink every day, or when you can’t go a day without drinking, which is considered alcohol dependence another word for alcoholism. Alcoholism causes a variety of social problems that include loss of work productivity and violence. Studies have shown that fewer adolescents are drinking but when they do drink they tend to binge drink. Binge drinking leads to alcoholism. Another study has shown that when people are told not to do something they are more than likely going to do the opposite. There should not be more laws against drinking, but instead more programs to teach to teach teens how to drink responsibly. Dr. Dale Archer says, “This would focus, not only on drunk driving, but also binge drinking, brain damage, the deleterious health effects of alcohol abuse and how to drink in a responsible manner.”(2/3) There are two ways to treat alcoholism, detox or rehab. Most treatment for young adults who have a drinking problem is mainly an intervention, instead of the more expensive approaches that are more therapeutic. Alcoholism is a lifelong process to recover from. People are encouraged to call themselves recovering alcoholics never a recovered one because of the potential to drink again because of one’s biological and psychological being; one can never fully recover from alcoholism. Once someone becomes an alcoholic they will always be one no matter what. They might be able to recover but there is always that chance of relapse.
In addition, underage drinking is a huge issue in the United States. In young adults alcohol is the number one abused drug amongst them, which then leads to drunk driving, DUI’s, and fatal car accidents. One should never drive while they are under the influence of alcohol because after two alcoholic beverages it impairs his or her ability to drive properly. Jessica Pauline Ogilive states that, “Kids who don’t know their limits can drink to the point of alcohol poisoning, and those who feel invincible as many at that age do-may underestimate the danger of getting behind the wheel.”(Los Angeles Times) All fifty states...

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