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Should The United States Annexed The Phillipines

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Dear fellow senators: Yesterday, February 6, 1899 was a big day in United States history; we decided as a nation to annex the Philippines. The Philippines is an island country in Southeast Asia, and was independent until 1565 when the spanish colonized the islands. I have one question for you my fellow senators, should the U.S. have annexed the Philippines? The United States should have annexed the Philippines for three reasons: our duty to spread the values of democracy overseas, The Filipinos natural inability to govern themselves, and saving the Philippines from the Tyranny of Spain or other European countries.
The first reason the United States should have annexed the Philippines is because it is our duty to as a country to spread the values of democracy overseas. For example, as stated here in Albert J. Beveridge’s campaign speech he says, “ Do we owe no duty to the world?… it is ours to save for liberty and civilization (Doc B).” He is saying that it is our duty as a sovereign nation to help an uncivilized nation modernize, industrialize, . another example, is from William Mckinley’s speech to clergymen, when he argued, “There was nothing left for us to do but to take them all, and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and civilize and Christianize them (Doc C).” Mckinley is saying if we did anything else except annex them, it would be wrong and against the idea of spreading democracy. Our duty to spread democracy overseas justifies annexation because The United States is a powerful country and need to spread its stability to other countries.
The second reason the United States should have annexed the Philippines is because the Filipinos are not civilized enough to govern themselves. For example, Beveridge states in his campaign speech to the United States senate, “The opposition tells us that we ought not to govern a people without their consent. I answer,... this applies only to those who are capable of self government (Doc B).” Beveridge is stating that the Filipinos are not...

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