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Should The United States Help Other Countries?

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Is America the world's policeman? Currently it would seem so, with the United States sending unheard of support to countless countries. America has been doing this task for about 60 years, more or less. America spends millions of dollars for the safety of countries that can't help themselves. Obviously America cannot afford to support so many countries and itself. Either it will run out of money or it will run out of men. Policing the world takes a lot of manpower. America is dragging down its own future. If America supports everyone else when they are down, will they do the same for America in the future? America, if it keeps wasting its resources to protect everyone else, will eventually fail (Snyder).
America is known as the police force of the world. Mostly, the world views this as good. However, America also lives in infamy for sticking its nose where it doesn't belong. For example, there isn't one continent where America has no influence. This is probably a major inconvenience for the bad guys. The United States works to make itself infamous. The United States deals with a lot of world terrorism and has put an end to most of it. Without a doubt, the United States is the most powerful military force the planet has ever seen, even the citizens have guns. (Dettmer)
The United States could teach other countries to be more independent and stop relying on the U.S. or other major countries to support them.
America has its own problems, such as immigration, violence, and drugs. What would the U.S. crime rate be if it had more money to spend for its own police departments instead of buying military for some foreign country? Do foreign countries even deserve the back-up? Most of them are third world democracies, if they can even be called that. It wouldn't take much for one of those countries to turn around and use the weapons the United States provided them against them. Think about it, America supplied Iraq with weapons to fight the Russians in the Cold War and they turned around and used those weapons to kill countless Americans. Also, in the Spanish American War, the United States helped out the Philippines and as soon as the Spanish were gone, the Philippines turned and used guerilla warfare to kill American soldiers. That's what America gets for sticking its nose into other countries' business (Snyder).
So why does America keep policing the world? Maybe its because of the image America wants to have of peace and prosperity. It should be noted that no one ever appointed America to be the world's policeman. In fact, "The government's founding document, the Constitution, does not and could not do so." "By assuming that role, the U.S. government—no matter who's president—undermines the values we claim to uphold, such as freedom, justice, privacy, and peace" (Richman).
Yet America continues to attempt to police the world, in many cases having to use military force. "As a general rule, do you think the United...

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