Should The United States Continue To Develop Nuclear Power Plants And Use Nuclear Energy? Chemistry Chemistry

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James Gilbert III
November 15 2017
Should the united states continue to develop nuclear power plants and use nuclear energy?
No, we shouldn't use nuclear energy because we have a lot of other useful energy sources we can use for power. They include wind power, solar power, and water power. Also, some people can get cancer from the radiation inside the power plant. Another fact is if terrorists get a hold of it they could blow up other countries.That's why I think we shouldn’t use nuclear power. It is risky and toxic. Though the use of nuclear power does have significance, it's risky. Nuclear power is toxic and unnatural. It pollutes the earth with harmful and deadly waste that alters our surroundings. Too much nuclear energy could destroy the world and everything on it. In the wrong hands, it could be used for war. How is that a plus? Just because you win, you lose also; but the impact it has is far worse. We lose lives, money, creation and time. Nuclear power affects the environment. Mother nature is important and essential to our well-being. We're lost without its resources. Nuclear power has many disadvantages, and should not be used ever in life.
Atoms are constructed like miniature solar systems. At the center of the atom is the nucleus; orbiting around it are electrons.The nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons, very densely packed together. Hydrogen, the lightest element, has one proton; the heaviest natural element, uranium, has 92 protons.How fission works during fission, a neutron bombards a uranium atom, releasing more neutrons and triggering a chain reaction.The nucleus of an atom is held together with great force, the "strongest force in nature." When bombarded with a neutron, it can be split apart, a process called fission (pictured to the right). Because uranium atoms are so large, the atomic force that binds it together is relatively weak, making uranium good for fission.In nuclear power plants, neutrons collide with uranium atoms, splitting them. This split releases neutrons from the uranium that in turn collide with other atoms, causing a chain reaction. This chain reaction is controlled with "control rods" that absorb neutrons.In the core of nuclear reactors, the fission of uranium atoms releases energy that heats water to about 520 degrees Fahrenheit. This hot water is then used to spin turbines that are connected to generators, producing electricity.Nuclear fission occurs when an atom...

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