Should The United States Federal Government Pay Reparations To Descendants Of Slaves? Essay

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The abolishment of slavery in 1866, is arguably the biggest turning point in the United States of Americas long history. However, in those 150 years since America has been a part of two world wars, been the major stepping stone for motorised vehicles, landed on the moon, invented and used the atomic bomb and recovered from the devastating events of 9/11. Even still, none of this can overlook the horrific events of the American Slave Trades, largely during the 17th and 18th centuries.
The United States of today though, is light years from the America that supported and condoned the enslavement of African people. So how can we punish the current citizens of the US to pay for the actions of people before them, and condemn them to pay reparations to descendants of slaves?
Americas financial position is already in a dire position, and the cost of reparations may force the country into a whole too deep to climb out of. According to the Forbes Business Magazine, the USA’s public debt...

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