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Should The United States Forces Remain In Iraq?

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The events of 11th September shocked every one of us. Almost all of the world community strongly condemned this act of terrorism and violence. These events shook the confidence of the general American public with regards to the national security. To cope up with the feeling of insecurity and fear among the general public, the Bush administration responded very swiftly and abruptly. On the other hand other countries fully supported the United States and stood on its side from the very beginning of the crisis. It provided full support in the aftermath of the attacks and within 45 minutes of this campaign of the evil a number of diverted planes and more than 33,000 passengers and aircrew were accepted by other neighboring countries on their different airports across the country. Thousands of people were accommodated in small communities to keep them safe and provided them full attention. When in the coming weeks the United States made a commitment to counter terrorism and to cope up with the threat spread across the nation, other supporting nations also took strong measures to ensure the elimination of threats posed to the world by terrorism and took necessary steps to increase security not only at the domestic level but also at their ports across borders and abroad as well. Countering terrorism is a concern of primary concern for all the nations of the world and so is the case with United States. “Washington's horizons extend beyond the stabilization of Iraq, however. Some planners view the war against Iraq as the first step toward revamping the entire Middle East. They believe that the war against terror will take many years and that, ultimately, force alone will not win the battle against terrorism. They claim that the political systems of the Muslim and Arab world must undergo a structural change and that Iraq will exemplify that change, which will occur in its postwar democratization. Even the most naive Americans don't believe that Iraq is going to be a democracy a year after the war, but they do believe that they can initiate a process that will lead Iraq to democratization in the future.” (Israel's Strategy after the Iraq War) To achieve the objective of developing a clean society free of any threats of terrorism and fear, other supporting countries, which believe on the development of a world free from any kind of threats, are working very closely with the United States. The goal is common for all of them and that is to ensuring safety for all of the citizens regardless of their religion, sex, origin etc. “The Bush administration plans to take complete, unilateral control of a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, with an interim administration headed by a yet-to-be named American civilian who would direct the reconstruction of the country and the creation of a "representative" Iraqi government, according to a now-finalized blueprint described by U.S. officials and other sources. (Full U.S. Control Planned for Iraq) The US led war against Iraq is...

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