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Should The United States Get Involved In The Russia Ukraine Conflict?

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Role of The U.S
The United States became the superpower it is today through the ideal of manifest destiny. The aspect of controlling each coastline gave the U.S great control over North America. The U.S was in a great position to extend that power outward. However, instead of focusing on territorial acquisitions, The U.S instead concerned themselves with the deconstruction of imperialist structured nations. The Acquisition of new land in North America, and the willingness to step in militarily in foreign affairs made the U.S a juggernaut in the eyes of the other nations.
The drive to make the world a more democratic place made it easy for the U.S to find allies over in Europe. The success of the U.S support during WW1 lead to the creations of a League of Nations, a system set in place to arbitrate any international disputes. The U.S was still isolated at this point until WW2. Roosevelt enacted the Lend-Lease Act, which allowed the British access to supplies at a next to nothing cost. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. was fully invested into the deconstruction of the Axis Powers.
The intervention of the U.S was paramount to the success of the D-Day strike on Normandy and the other parts of Western Europe. After the dust cleared, the U.S Joined the United Nations. The U.S. could now actively participate internationally, and be the voice of democracy that it originally set out to be. This stance on democracy did not go over well with communist nations. In turn, the struggle of the cold war had started. And tensions between Vietnam had grown exponentially. With the unsuccessful results in the Vietnam war, the U.S was forced to re-examine their foreign affair policy. Instead of opposing imperial nations, the U.S promoted world peace. In doing so, the U.S adopted the idea of a new world order. An understanding between nations, which enlisted the morals of security, collective peace, and freedom. The U.S. has remained malleable in the face of conflict. Adapting to whatever situation hinders the U.S ability to remain a beacon of democracy. The U.S has changed over time to prove to other nations that a democratic nation can remain a superpower. Unfortunately, some countries are opting to prove that ideal wrong.
Currently Russia is in a battle with the Ukraine over Crimea. Although Russia no longer abides to the economic values of communism, it is still a very totalitarian nation. In order to expand their world dominance as a super power, Russia has set sights on Crimea. Russia believes that Crimea should annex the Ukraine, and the western influence democracy that the nation has adopted. The U.S’s Role in this challenging situation is to be an arbiter of peace. Ultimately the goal is to diffuse the situation and continue to strive for democracy. Sec. of State John Kerry states that “If there is greater diplomatic opportunity that can be pursued -- and that is, in fact, on the table -- then I'm confident that whatever the response is...

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