Should The United States Have Stricter Handgun Control Laws?

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In the U.S., Americans have constitutional rights to have handguns, but the issue of having stricter gun control laws has been debatable in terms of effectively saving lives. This issue boils down to self- defense and whether everyone has the right to protect themselves and their families. Studies indicate that about 2.5 million people defend themselves against violent crimes every year with firearms. On average, that's 6,850 times per day - most without a shot ever being fired! In general, firearms are used more than 60 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than take lives (100% Pro Choice). There are various reasons why people possess guns to defend themselves from everyday crimes such as burglary, sexual assaults, and murders."[Self-Defense is] justly called the primary law of nature, so it is not, neither can it be in fact, taken away by the laws of society," said Sir William Blackstone. One of the many reasons Americans carry guns is for self-defense. By carrying a gun, many Americans feel safe and protected from attackers such as burglars, pickpockets etc. Self-defense, which is a basic human reaction works, it situates fear into the minds of criminals of being killed or injured by an armed citizen. If gun activists strengthened gun laws and did not allow everyday law following citizens to exercise their right for self-defense with firearms, there would be a lot more crime on the streets. According to the author, there could be as much as 2.5 million more crimes each year with the cost of health, property and life (Dizard, 173). In Colorado, there was an incident involving a man being physically attacked by three hitchhikers that he was feeding in his home. The man grabbed his gun and managed to shoot one of the attackers, which saved his life. There was another incident involving a 22-year-old Rayna Ross who shot and killed her ex-boyfriend who had broken into Ms. Ross's apartment, beat, stalked, and threatened her. She took this up with the Marine Corps and civilian police who had failed to protect her. Her ex-boyfriend broke into her home and Ms. Ross, in order to protect herself and her baby shot and killed him with a handgun bought three days earlier. The right of self-defense and the right to use firearms for defense of self and family are the basis of individual rights in the U.S. Constitution. So, if gun activists succeed in undermining these rights, all of the other rights will fall (Dizard, 173-175).My opponent may argue that self-defense is not a good idea and is not necessary. They may support the idea that the reason we have police is to protect us from criminals therefore, reviving the citizens of getting guns for their protection. Also, some courts have ruled that victims have "a duty to retreat" rather then stand their ground in their own homes and defend themselves (Dizard, 175). I can respond to this statement by saying that in actuality, the police are under no legal obligation to protect citizens from...

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2652 words - 11 pages Firearms Control.” (2013). Web 4 Apr. 2014. “Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.” The Huffington Post. 2012. 24 Feb. 2014. “Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 2 Dec. 2013. 1 Feb. 2014. “Should Adults Have the Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun?” 2014. Web 1 Feb. 2014. Smith, Guy. “Guns in Other Countries.” Guy Smith Version 6.2 (2013): 1

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