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Should The United States Lower The Drinking Age To 18?

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The legal age limit to drink in the U.S. is 21 years old currently. Even though the legal age limit is 21 to drink, there are many people who are abusing this law and drinking illegally. I believe that the legal age limit should be lowered to 18. In order for this to happen other U.S. citizens will have to vote to lower the age limit. I am interested in this because if it was lowered it would make it legal for my age group. Although there will possibly be more alcohol related incidents resulting in injury and possibly death. Lowering the legal age limit will allow people who do it illegally now to be able to do it in a safer environment. This will result in less alcohol related incidents. ...view middle of the document...

Drinking alcohol in moderate amounts help reduce stress, anxiety and tension. Small amounts of alcohol can cause stress reduction. This makes the person feel more relaxed and easier to be around. Also people who drink alcohol in moderate amounts get more sleep than people who don’t. Drinking alcohol in moderation causes better Cardiovascular Health. The risk of developing coronary artery disease is lowered when you drink alcohol in moderation (Alcohol: The Benefits of Moderate Drinking, 2013). Some people think that drinking alcohol only has negative side effects on the body. This shows although alcohol has some negative effects on the body, it also has many positive effects on the body.
Lowering the age limit to drink alcohol will not only have multiple effects on the body, it will also have several effects on the economy. In the article Lowering the Drinking Age Will Help the Economy from, the author talks about many ways on how lowering the legal age limit to drink will help our economy. By lowering the legal age limit to drink alcohol more people will be able to buy it. This shows that there will be more of a demand for alcohol causing companies to produce more alcohol and sell more helping our economy grow. Since the companies are selling more alcohol there will have to be a higher tax on alcohol. Even if the tax is high people will still...

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