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Should The Us Government Be Allowed To Spy On Americans To Avoid Terrorism?

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Should The US Government be allowed to spy on Americans to avoid terrorism?
Which is more important, your privacy or your safety? This question often arises when the inclination of the United States government spying on American citizens is approached. The United States of America has a far-reaching history with National Security Agencies (NSA). The NSA is a United States intelligence agency responsible for the production and management of intelligence and information assurance for the United States government. The concept that American citizens should place their trust in government efforts to spy and do right by the people with national security in there hands posses too many dangers. ...view middle of the document...

The CNE (Computer Networking Exploitation) installed malware surveillance on computers and networking devices and by the end of 2013 their numbers should reach 85,000. The NSA presentation leaked allows the current implant network to scale to large size. Meaning the program would be able to control more computers automatically by groups instead of individually with these implants. Some of these implants can help the NSA take over your microphone to hear a nearby conversation or they can take over your camera and see anything that maybe going on. Just type in certain key words and the implants sends information to the NSA. The NSA uses implants called the man in the middle and the man on the side techniques that route certain users who are trying to get to legitimate websites to attack servers under NSA control. The man in the middle codename, which can quietly redirect browsers to attack servers, will allow mass explosive for people passing through network choke point.

The NSA can spy on people even without having Internet connection through the secret technology used to convert radio waves transmitted through small circuit boards. Waves can be sent to a folder called a briefcase that can be set up from miles away. The radio frequency technology which often needs to be physically inserted by a spy, or someone who created the computer or just an unwitting user –this spyware has helped US access computers that world wide opponents have gone to great lengths to protect from the U.S. government’s spying eyes.
The NSA allows the current implant network to scale to large size. Meaning the program would be able to control more computers automatically by groups instead of individually with these implants.
“Quote below“
“President Obama said in 2007 in a speech; he...

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