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Should The Wolves Stay In Yellowstone National Park?

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Should the Wolves Stay in Yellowstone National Park?
National Parks are the cornerstone of every country because it preserves the rich cultural and natural resources of a nation, such as Yellowstone in the United States of America. Yellowstone National Park is the World’s First National Park which brings millions of attraction each year, it is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combine and have over a thousand species of plants and animal (Yellowstone Media). However, a very important type of species has been missing in Yellowstone National Park for a very long time. Wolves, which got reintroduce back into Yellowstone National Park, should stay there because without them the ecosystem would be out of balance.
Wolves had live throughout parts of the world for thousands of years before humans just kept rising in population and minimizing the wolves’ population through the expansion of their territories for farm agriculture and industrialization. It is only in the United States where humans completely annihilated wolves; they did this by hunting the wolves down until the last wolf was killed in 1926. However, in 1995, 14 wolves were caught from Canada and release into Yellowstone National Park. This makes it almost 70 years since the wolves have been reintroduced back into Yellowstone National Park (17 July 2009)
The wolves’ were hunted in late 1800 s’ and early 1900‘s in the United States because farmers wanted more land for their cattle’s to graze upon. As farmers were moving out west they felt threaten that the wolves would hunt their cattles so the farmers thought that the best solution would be to take them out of the picture. This was possible because at the time there were no government regulations on hunting. Now that the wolves have been reintroduced back into Yellowstone National Park, there is big debate on whether the wolves should stay or leave. This is a very controversial issue because, for one, wolves are the most territorial predators in the world; this can range up to 10-20 mi radius of land. Second of all, wolves could easily catch diseases and can carry it with them. This could be a really big issue because once a wolf infects a cattle, it could spread and infect the entire herd of cattle. Also, hunters do not want the wolves to be back in Yellowstone National Park because, before the wolves were reintroduced, there were more than enough animals to hunt down but now that the wolves are back, the animals had dramatically decreased (YellowstoneScience).
Conservationist, who play a major role in bringing the wolves back, had the government pass the Endangered Species Act (ESA) stating that the wolves were on the endangered species list and should be reintroduce back into the wild in the United States. This was not an easy issue; it took 20 years before ESA was passed and allowed wolves back into the United States. Now that wolves have been in Yellowstone National Park for more than 10 years, the government...

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