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How is crime treated in Canada? Canada has different legislations for young offenders and adults. The Criminal Code of Canada was passed to handle crimes committed by adults aged 18 and above. The YCJA was enacted last 2003 to deal with young people aged 12-17. The Criminal Code of Canada is known to have a harsher approach on the offenders, while the YCJA focuses more on putting them back into society. The YCJA determines the consequences for specific offences, with the help of agencies and officials. There are consequences such as counselling and community and service. The YCJA is basically proposed to address young people’s challenges and needs as they proceed to adulthood. It does not release names, hence protecting youth’s privacy and identity. It also helps them to avoid criminal records, and prohibits adult sentences for 12-14 year olds. Their main objectives are to rehabilitate which means re-establishing positive behaviours and reintegrate which is making them part of society. They also give meaningful consequences to help the offender understand the harm they have done to the victim and to reinforce good morals into their thinking. They assess further information on the offenders’ background, history and attitude. In terms of their consequences, severity and repetition of the crime if much taken into consideration. Even if there are many controversies behind the YCJA, I do not think it should be eliminated.
Since the YCJA was enacted in April 2003, the youth crime rate have been decreasing. According to the Youth Court Statistics, the number of cases decreased 32% over the past decade. The most evident decrease occurred in 2003/2004 and 2004/2005, years after the YCJA was proclaimed. The total cases include violent, property, administration of justice and criminal code traffic offences. Most provinces in Canada reported a decline in youth cases between 2009 and 2011. The largest decrease were seen in Nova Scotia (-15%), Prince Edward Island (-13%) and in Alberta (-11%). Manitoba was the only province to increase youth cases which increased by 3%. Majority of the cases recorded in 2012/2011 were non-violent offenses. They covered 73% of the total cases, while...

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