Should There Be A Limit On The Amount Of Homework Teachers Give To Students’?

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The quality of students’ homework is much more important than the quantity of students homework and data collected during recent studies has proven that homework is not making the grade. “. . . American students are entangled in the middle of international academic rankings: 17th in reading, 23rd in science, and 31st in math according to the most recent results from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)” (Murphy-Paul). Students should not be given an excessive amount of homework because the pressure of having to complete excessive amounts of homework every night is quite daunting for most students. Knowing how much homework is the right amount correlates with age and ...view middle of the document...

One of these parents happen to be Los Angeles mom and writer Randye Hoder who says “the majority” of her sons’, Nathaniel's’, homework, as well the other students in Los Angeles, are taking home work that “seems more like busy work than anything substantive” (qtd. in Bradley). An excessive amount of homework, or homework in general, is unnecessary because there’s a great chance the same material that was taught in class would somehow show up again later that night in pointless assignments. If the student already has a good grasp on the material they learned in class, then they should not, under any circumstances, have to put in punishing, long hours mindlessly reading, writing, and calculating. Studies done in 2005 have illustrated that there is no “correlation” between achievement and homework. “Schools in countries where less homework was assigned seemed to do much better than those schools where more homework was assigned” (Raybern). It’s quite obvious that America is not one of these excelling countries based on our low international academic rankings. This statement serves to illustrate the impact of excessive amounts of homework versus the impact of a country that receives little to no homework at all. A student name Nye is a prime example of this discovery, where he explains how he solved his own excessive amount of homework issue by not doing the homework at all. He further explains his solution by stating that he “received F’s on the homework, and A’s on the test” which clearly shows how he grasped the material without hours of “incredibly repetitious iterations of homework.” He went from long hours of homework to studying, concluding that, “. . .studying is far different” (qtd. in Raybern). Homework should only serve to reinforce skills and used as a study tool for students by having them apply the topics of what was previously learned during the day. However, teachers and most parents still insist on “overloading kids with homework when there are no definitive studies proving it’s overall learning benefits” (The Homework Myth 73). To keep students interested during the learning process, teachers must consider which assignments are necessary, better yet beneficial, for the overall idea that students need to take in order to guarantee superior test scores and higher ranks in international academic rankings.
Figuring how much time a student should spend on homework is simple: Taking the grade of the student and multiplying it by ten to calculate the number of minutes a student should spend on homework every day. Seniors are entitled to complete 120 minutes, or 2 hours of homework, while 8th graders may be entitled to completing only 50 minutes of homework. Some teachers fail to realize the amount of pressure they put on students when evenings turn to nights and students are placed in a race against time. An excessive amount of homework only puts “more pressure on [students] already over-scheduled lives. Too much pressure, as a...

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