Should There Be Gender Separation In Colleges And Schools

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With the mushroom growth of schools and colleges in every nook and cranny, there is another trend in education that has increased overtime; this pertains to increasing co-education schools and colleges. Single gender approach or getting the girls and boys taking education in separate classrooms, schools or colleges is prevalent since long, yet the new trends in education are also leading to a co-education system (Spielhagen, 2008). Despite of a rising trend of co-education system, the debate on whether there be gender separation in colleges and schools always remain there. There is still a huge number of parents who take it a biggest task to decide whether their child will get education in a co-education or single education school.

Gender Separation in schools and colleges is good, as studies have proved that girls and boys learn in different slipways. According to a research by Dr. Leonardo Sax, the brain of girls and boys work differently, thus they must be taught in distinctive ways. Merely separating the girls and boys in classrooms may not be the right solution, yet when the teachers gear their teaching tactics specific to the gender, it really yield results. Studies also prove that both the gender learn in different environments(GreatSchools, 2014). Where the girls learn far better when the classroom temperature is warm. On contrary, the boys show better performance in cooler classrooms. Moreover, Single- six educational institutes can also provide a broader horizon for the educational prospects for both the genders. Where co-education schools tend to encourage a stereotype effect of building competition among girls and boys in few subjects, the separate schools and colleges offer better opportunities for gender specific subjects such as poetry and music that purely pertains to feminine interest.

Apparently, the co-education system provides a more conducive environment for building up children’s confidence, yet this system has many drawbacks too. The most important in this regard is the natural factor, mixing up of students with opposite gender at a young age leads to distractions. There is a large number of students interested in pursuing romantic relationships and dating. This not only distracts the student from their studies but also gives birth to several social and moral issues (Jones & Shallcrass, 1972). The same issue is addressed at several points by Islam, where the unnecessary mixing up of girls and boys, especially at adolescence is considered strongly prohibited. Single sex school or colleges are attributed to have lesser risk for such...

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