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Should There Be Restrictions On Where Level 3 Sex Offenders Can Live?

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Numerous studies have shown that the number of rapes increases as the population increases. However, the rate per 100,000 in the U.S. has increased by 400% since 1960. This produces a double whammy effect. If the population doubles and the rate quadruples, then there are eight times as many rapes. A level 3 sex offender lives a hop, skip, and a jump away from Highland Elementary School. Allowing that to happen is equivalent to letting a recovering alcoholic work as a bartender. Level 3 offenders, being the most serious, are considered a high risk to re-offend, according to police departments and experts who have done research on the topic. To be a level 3 offender, the person has had to offend multiple times, and chances are that there will be a next time. For these reasons, level 3 sex offenders should not be allowed to live wherever they want.Some say sex offenders have served their time in prison for their crimes and are free by law after they do so. When they are released from prison, nothing prevents them from offending again. Studies have shown approximately 70% of level 3 sex offenders re-offend. Even though the offender might have served his or her time, serious precautions should take place to prevent a sex abuse crime from happening again. Law officials have suggested precautions such as choosing where the offender can't live. Others might say a recently released sex offender has "just had a tough time", and "just wants his or her rights back". When someone takes another's rights away, He or she should not have his or her rights back. The sex offender should have his or her right to choose where to live taken away.Experts on the subject say the level 3 sex offenders are at a very high risk to...

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