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In the article “The War on Pink: GoldieBlox Toys Ignite Debate Over What’s Good For Girls”, written by Eliana Dockterman, Dockterman talks in depth about gender specific toys. Toys like baby dolls, Barbies, Bratz, etc, are all examples of toys that are made specifically for the female gender. Dockterman examines whether these toys have helped drive girls away from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects, while boys are still dominant in the STEM field. She also talks about whether gender neutral toys would help this large gap between boys and girls in STEM subjects. I believe toys are just toys, and I don’t think they determine what kind of career we become interested in as we grow older. With this being said, I believe that toys shouldn’t be segregated because not all girls are interested in “girl toys” and not all boys are interested in “boy toys”.
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Another issue brought up in this article was that stores typically have a pink and blue aisle (pink for girls, blue for boys). Stores separate toys based on whether they’re for girls or for boys. Most “boy toys” are actions figures, faux weapons, legos, and other various toys that are STEM based, while almost all “girl toys” are dolls and stuffed animals, or costumes and tiaras, toys that don’t promote STEM subjects.
I personally believe that toys are just toys. They don’t tell us who we become or define us as people. I played with barbies A LOT when I was little. I had a collection of about a hundred of them. I also played with Care Bears, baby dolls, and tea sets, but I don’t want to be a beauty queen or a stay at home mom. Even though I played with those toys, they didn’t define who I became as I got older, nor did they define my job interests. I also think that segregating toys is a bad idea. Girls and boys feel they need to shop in the toy section designated to their gender. Some girls aren’t into girly toys. They want to buy Nerf guns and footballs and lego sets and play with those, while some boys want to play tea party and dress up in a dress and play with dolls. Trying to segregate toys only creates problems for these kinds of kids. They get made fun of and bullied because they don’t want to play with the “right” toys.
Toys don’t tell us who children grow up to be, nor do they tell us what they become interested in as they grow older. Toys don’t define children. Just because a girl plays with toys that are “boy” labeled doesn’t mean she’s a tomboy or will grow up being boyish, or if a boy plays with toys that are “girl” labeled doesn’t mean he’ll grow up gay or soft or girlie. Toys are just a way for children to pass time and enjoy themselves. They don’t need to be segregated and labeled because BOTH genders play with them. I believe if we stopped trying to label toys “girl” or “boy” and just put them all together, more girls would play with toys that encouraged STEM subjects, and maybe more girls would become interested in STEM.

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