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Should Twitter Be Used As A Teaching Assistant Web Site?

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This research argues the usage of Twitter as a teaching-assistant web site. The importance of this article is in an age group that has not yet been inspected (ninth grade); additionally, data was studied by decoding, gathering tweets into many educational and public uses, and discovering the technical problems that grow by using Twitter. Furthermore, some communication features that have not yet been evaluated about Twitter as a learning tool are involved in the research. The consequences obviously display that both the teachers and the students used the modern learning tool mostly for educational usage. All Tweets during the research period has shown useful content. Despite that tweets ...view middle of the document...

These results support the side of comprehending the initial usage of scholarly sharing in online networks.
Twitter has made students to blend both formal and informal forms of writing. This has made many students to have challenges in terms of choosing a writing register or voice that is deliberate based on their audiences. Twitter has also influenced truncated communication where many students have found themselves to be at odds in terms of writing longer as well as more complex pieces of information.
Twitter has also been an excellent way of enhancing communication. Writing skills that are good can be highly motivating by enhancing communication skills on twitter as well as in their classrooms. Most teachers in schools are now monitoring the usage of twitter in their classrooms. 
This article shows inclinations of some Spanish writers using Twitter. By analyzing of 1125 tweets. A traditional part such as gatekeeping can be extremely improved relating to limpidity and liability through activities as retweeting or linking. The scenery proposed by this stage is surrounded with the "ambient journalism", which will aid to know the proposal of this study: the end-user journalism. The conclusions show the balanced of opening with the readers in features about replying, requesting and linking.
Twitter has resulted in poor grammar, abbreviations, and misspellings. This has had some negative implications, particularly in schools. Spelling and grammatical errors have really increased in schools due to the rise use of twitter as a social networking site. Spelling and grammar are extremely relevant in schools. Twitter has also made people to write too fast, and thereby increasing the number...

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